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About us

Being an avid candle burner for years, I have burned many scents from all of the major brands of candles. Many of them smelled great, and some not so much, but I still felt like I could never find the exact scents I wanted. I also knew that candles often contained controversial ingredients that I would not consider clean burning.

After getting the idea to make candles as gifts one year, I did a little bit of research on how to make them at home and bought several generic components to make candles. Truthfully, the supplies sat there way longer than they should have. Fast forward months later to when I finally decided to bring out all of the items that were collecting dust. True to my nature, I started doing extensive research because I had to know exactly how to make the best candle I possibly could, even though I was making my first one. I learned very quickly there is so much more to properly making a candle than just heating up some wax and pouring in some fragrance. In fact, there is so much more to properly burning a candle that I had no idea about, not even after the hundreds of candles I have burned in my lifetime! Candles are truly a craft, and one that combined my love for being creative with all things-scented. It was bonus points for all of the math and calculations since I enjoy that. This is where I fell in love with candle making and knew I wanted to share my passion with the world!

So I set out to create clean burning candles without sacrificing luxury while still being as eco-conscious as I could. I knew I wanted to create candles, and eventually other scented products, that would give others the same experience as I feel when I smell certain scents. Among my passion to express my creativity through art and crafting, my first sensory instinct to smell things, and my requirement to be clean burning; this meant that my creations would need to smell extraordinary, look and feel luxurious, but still be clean burning and eco-conscious!

At 32, I made the decision to follow my dreams and start my journey of being a business owner. The name Thirty3 Candle Co came from knowing I was going to be celebrating my thirty-third trip around the sun with a new adventure of launching my business! Three has always been my favorite number since childhood, and as a master number correlates to growth, creativity, and guidance, so it just seemed perfect. In perfect alignment, March 3 seemed like the perfect launch date.

Thank you for taking a moment to read more about Thirty3 Candle Co was created. I truly hope my candles take you on a journey through your senses.. whether it reminds you of watching the sun set in a cotton-candy-painted sky while the rhythmic waves of the ocean crash against the shore where your toes are buried in the sand, or a tranquil peaceful day at the spa. Each of the scents in the Signature Collection were created with love and inspired by things, places, and memories that have a special meaning to me. My intention is for you to enjoy the aroma and perhaps spark a delightful memory of your own! 

With gratitude,