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We have included some Frequently Asked Questions to help you experience the most out of your candle! 


Q: Do you offer wholesale?

A: Yes! Please contact or message us on @Thirty3CandleCo on Instagram if you are interested and we will send you our catalogue.


Q: Do you offer local pickup or delivery?

A: At this time, local pickup and delivery is not available to all locations. We hope to change this in the future. Message us on Instagram if you would like to make a special arrangement and we will do our best to accommodate it.


Q: How can I repurpose the candle vessel?

A: Thoroughly clean the candle vessel and repurpose

  • as a display for makeup brushes,
  • as a holder for cotton swabs, pads, or balls 
  • on a desk to hold pens and writing instruments, rubber bands, paper clips, or other office supplies
  • as a plant pot or flower vase
  • as a coin jar
  • as a small craft items, such as buttons and clips
  • display candy jar on counter
  • pinch pot for spices
  • gift the vessel to be used in the above mentioned ways
  • Have a suggestion? Let us know over on Instagram!


Q: Where is Thirty3 Candle Co based?

A: We are based in New Jersey, USA.


Q: Where do you ship your products?

A: Currently, we only offer shipping to the US and Puerto Rico. But we will be expanding to international shipping in the future. If you really want a product and are outside of the US, please send us an email at


Q: Does Thirty3 Candle Co accept refunds or returns?

A: At this time we only process refunds/replacements for damaged goods during transit. Please see our refund and return policy for additional information.


Q: What if a product I want is out of stock?

A: You can sign up for a notification when it is back in stock and sign up for our newsletter for updates on restocked and new products! Or follow us on @Thirty3CandleCo on Instagram and sent us a message!


Q: Why does it only allow me to add a certain quantity to my cart? I want more!

A: If you are limited to a certain quantity of a product, this means you’re trying to purchase more than what’s available in stock. Our system keeps track of inventory and sold units and accepts orders accordingly. Please email us if you need more than what is in stock.


Q: I have a question about my order.

A: Please go to the contact page and use the form or send an email to Please make sure to include your name and order number.

If you'd like to cancel or change your order, please get in touch with as soon as possible with your order number to see if we can make the changes or cancel the order for you. We cannot guarantee it changes or cancellation are possible. If your order has already been shipped, you may not cancel or change your order.

 If your questions wasn't answered, please Contact Us!