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SUMMERTIME Wax Melt - Pineapple | Mango

SUMMERTIME Wax Melt - Pineapple | Mango

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Fresh sliced pineapple and perfectly ripened mango. This fresh blend of summery fruits is combined with a hints of pear, orange, lily of the valley and a soft base of musk and sweetness of cotton candy.

  • Top notes: Pineapple, Mango
  • Middle Notes – Lily of the Valley, Pear
  • Bottom Notes – Musk, Cotton Candy

2.5oz Wax Melt [New round 'pie' packaging gives you more product for the same price!]

Directions: Each wax melt snap bar contains six wax melt uses. Simply remove one "pie" piece and gently place the wax melt into your wax warmer. When scent is no longer noticeable, or there is less than 1/4inch of wax, carefully use a cotton ball to absorb excess wax and discard. Caution, this will be hot.

Perfect for bedrooms and medium living spaces.

  • Luxury Vegan Coconut Soy wax blend, paraffin free
  • High quality, phthalate-free fragrance oils
  • Flameless fragrance for your home
  • 2.5oz. total net weight
  • Highly scented and lasts many hours

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